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Diablo "TigerBlood" (TigerBlood#6383)

Softcore Americas Demon Hunter 70
Last Time Played: 17 days ago
Battletag: TigerBlood#6383


Paragon 2.0: 645
world: 5646
Americas: 1929
Profile DPS: 1,318,190.00
Corrected DPS: 1,395,603.08
(with set bonuses)
Elemental DPS: 2,232,964.93
world: 23046(dh: 9720)
Americas: 6445(dh: 2468)
Elemental Elite DPS: 3,126,150.90
world: 15781(dh: 5330)
Americas: 4281(dh: 1168)
Elemental Damage: 1,318,161.12
world: 17670(dh: 4219)
Americas: 5300(dh: 1016)
+Physical Skills Damage: 60.00%
+Damage Against Elites: 40.00%
Toughness: 5,861,550
world: 50K+(dh: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+(dh: 22186)
Healing: 9,578
world: 50K+(dh: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+(dh: 47264)
Cooldown Reduction: 19.50%
world: 50K+(dh: 22484)
Americas: 50K+(dh: 8539)
Critical Hit Chance: 54.50%
world: 50K+(dh: 33951)
Americas: 42222(dh: 11088)
Critical Damage: 419.00%
world: 50K+(dh: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+(dh: 23150)
Resistance: 508
Armor: 4,808
Dexterity: 8,914
world: 50K+(dh: 50K+)
Americas: 28272(dh: 20549)
Vitality: 3,824


Registered to: Tigerblood - confirmed
Languages: English
General Info:


Nothinsuss#1591 - Luckiest Crafting *(*@#$ on the server!

Caesar#1801 - The highest DPS doesn't know anything about the game player you will meet.

Talys#1767 - Genuine Good Guy

Thomickers#1521 - Original tank, learnt a lot playing with this dude and was the first ever player I did MP9 & mp10 Ubers with before they nerfed it.

Ironwilly#1838 - Gives me a lot of motivation to get more DPS in a never ending battle for Unbuffed Supremacy!!!!!!!

Also added my best Hellfire ring out of 400!!!! its a bit sad i know so i have temporarily retired from Ubers to lick my wounds.


Aughild's Power
Marauder's Visage
Haunt of Vaxo
Marauder's Gloves
Marauder's Carapace
Aughild's Search
Stone of Jordan
The Witching Hour
Ring of Royal Grandeur
main hand
Marauder's Encasement
off hand
Bombadier's Rucksack
Marauder's Treads

DPS Calculator

(1.80% Critical Hit Chance)
(3.00% Attack Speed)
(10.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(50.00% Critical Damage)
(5.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(25.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(8.00% Attack Speed)
(6.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Attack Speed)
Elemental DPS: 2,232,964.93 (Physical)
  • 1.00% +Physical Skills Damage gives you 13,956.03 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Hit Chance gives you 28,493.93 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Damage gives you 3,706.25 dps
  • 1.00% Attack Speed gives you 14,499.77 dps
  • 100 Dexterity gives you 24,772.19 dps

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