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Diablo "Lastsoulx" (Lastsoul#1352)

Softcore Europe Witch Doctor 70
Last Time Played: 11 days ago
Battletag: Lastsoul#1352


Paragon: 883
world: 29631
Europe: 9671
Profile DPS: 658,466.00
Elemental DPS: 888,929.10
Elemental Elite DPS: 1,022,268.47
Weapon EDamage: 473,842.80
+Physical Skills Damage: 35.00%
+Damage Against Elites: 15.00%
Toughness: 12,019,700
Healing: 255,026
Cooldown Reduction: 5.00%
Resource Cost Reduction: 6.00%
Critical Hit Chance: 37.00%
Critical Damage: 339.00%
Resistance: 1,121
Armor: 4,576
Intelligence: 7,151
Vitality: 5,265


Registered to: lastsoulx - confirmed
General Info:

WD needs LS WD needs LS WD needs LS WD needs LS

sooo hf :)

New GOAL 2.0x Breakpoint more DEF xD
Need LIST!
#Zuni String same Stats but with more DPS vita and elite dmg
# POX 40+ AVG 150+ int 70 + Vita 5.5 % +
# Tal´s Chest 195+ int 290+ vita 800+ armor and 8/9 IAS
# Lacuni 195+ int 80+ vita 8/9 IAS
# Every Upgrade is welcome :)

ADD me ingame only with Comment thx

Check out my new Movie :)
Reflect Fastkills + Ubers!

SELLING one of the BEST MONK Spears EU !! give me some offers -> SOLD

1/1 = SOLD!

500 k only for fucking logout....
realstats inside and watch my new movie see the real wd dps since 1.08
here is my Playgear nice dps + some ehp :)
this STATS with 4 pieces SET and 3%ll
and CYA in hell with your unplayable logout gear xD

WD still need ll and 4 pieces Zuni > Firebats > rest

Firebats 4 Pieces Zuni
2.32 Breakpoint 361k + Soj (30%) +5%zuni offhand + 3% firedmg = 510k!!! DPS with ll vs ELITE (487 without Soj)
Attackspeed is not BAD since 1.08... if you got a good mana-management...

Zombiedogs 67k Life 4k armor 720 res
259k without LL + 30K life healglobes!! With Soj
234k with LL With Soj

Zombie DOG FTW
no ll only + Healthglobes XD

The new Plague WD :) 420k Dps with ll unbuffed :)

Ghom Fastkill with firebats no PRECAST

Firebats in action ghom in 9 seconds with 1h+ off no skorn :)

Speedfarming with plague WD :) MP 10

Special Thanks BEST Friends
and much more :)

Kanai's Cube Powers


Aughild's Power
Mask of Jeram
Squirt's Necklace
Tasker and Theo
Zunimassa's Marrow
Aughild's Search
Zunimassa's Pox
Harrington Waistguard
Ring of Royal Grandeur
main hand
Starmetal Kukri
Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
off hand
Uhkapian Serpent
Zunimassa's Trail

DPS Calculator

(1.80% Critical Hit Chance)
(3.00% Attack Speed)
(8.00% Attack Speed)
(6.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Attack Speed)
Elemental DPS: 888,929.10 (Physical)
  • 1.00% +Physical Skills Damage gives you 6,584.66 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Hit Chance gives you 13,367.65 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Damage gives you 1,459.01 dps
  • 1.00% Attack Speed gives you 6,633.80 dps
  • 100 Intelligence gives you 12,259.40 dps

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