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Diablo "Mage" (Azimuth#2255)

Hardcore Europe Wizard 60
Last Time Played: 3 years ago
Battletag: Azimuth#2255


Paragon: 117
Profile DPS: 0.00
Elemental DPS: 0.00
Elemental Elite DPS: 0.00
Weapon EDamage: 0.00
Toughness: 0
Healing: 0
Critical Hit Chance: 29.50%
Critical Damage: 258.00%
Resistance: 844
Armor: 4,245
Magic Find: 12.00%
Intelligence: 2,379
Vitality: 1,351


Registered to: Azimuth - confirmed
Languages: English, Russian
Clan: Update your clan now!
General Info:

World First Hardcore 100th Paragon
13 oct 2012 (patch 1.0.4)

Winning VIDEO is here >>>


Answering questions:

Interview №1 (eng)

Interview №3 (eng) >>>

Interview №1 (rus) >>>

Interview №2 (rus) >>>

Interview №4 (rus) >>>


We belong to the world, we belong to the wind
We are the spirit of competition's end
Turning hours into days, burning muscles feel the pain
The heart and soul of discipline my friends

We are sending you a challenge it's very clear
We came to win that is why we are here
Demanding to be tested, tested by the best
Not to be forgotten like all the rest

The time has come all the training done
The muscle and the blood will come to pay
Let the game begin hear the starting gun
Play from the heart today we will overcome
When the game is over all the counting is done
We were born to win Number 1

Today is the day all the training through
We have come for the number 1 not the number 2
Let the contest begin play hard fight to win
Immortality victory and fame

(audio version below =)


Vile Ward
Defiant Dome
The Hate
Strangle Slayer
Virtue Remnant
Daring Armor
Fate Rebel
The Witching Hour
Signet Vault
main hand
Savant's Feint
Intrepid Rigging
off hand
Ice Stompers

DPS Calculator

(1.80% Critical Hit Chance)
(3.00% Attack Speed)
(5.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(8.00% Attack Speed)
(6.00% Critical Hit Chance)
(10.00% Attack Speed)
Elemental DPS: 0.00
  • 1.00% Critical Hit Chance gives you 0.00 dps
  • 1.00% Critical Damage gives you 0.00 dps
  • 1.00% Attack Speed gives you 0.00 dps
  • 100 Intelligence gives you 0.00 dps

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