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Diablo Leaderboards - Greater Rift Solo

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 HeroGRift Solo
1Bojang <HandH> dh90
2Zuroq dh90
3Snajdan <Mr> dh86
4Stewart <DnL> dh86
5Iamn1tro <Mr> dh85
6Thefriendly dh85
7Darkdream <TopHC> dh85
8Desrame <HgH> dh84
9Josephelliot <HgH> dh84
10Phenix <NAQ> dh83
11Whiteguy <RUS> dh83
12Jarekexe <QPA> dh82
13Torty dh82
14Kkmok <HKG> dh82
15Kb24 <BM> dh82
16Carl2ngnl dh82
17Hai <CHAOS> dh82
18Cocacola dh81
19Efim <EA> dh81
20Receiver <rckstr> dh81
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 HeroGRift Solo
1Kamil <ZE> dh101
2Zolbar dh99
3Ag2r <ZE> dh98
4Purely <Reign> dh98
5Lee dh97
6Coltovsky <пиу> dh97
7Monkie <SM> dh96
8삼바 dh96
9лев <CRC> dh95
10채후 dh95
11Wudijo <ZE> dh95
12Dunkelvieh <VoiD> dh93
13птчкяпрнс <кпд> dh93
14Skaylor <Ws> dh93
15Leougust dh93
16Tares <WK> dh93
17Jagz <LMT> dh92
18Faust <GD> dh92
19Jafer <ZE> dh92
20Impreza <NBD> dh92
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New Character Info

- Oops added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 15 hours ago

- Eres added character info 1 day ago

- RapidBunny added character info 4 days ago

- Natasha added character info 8 days ago

- Serenity added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 10 days ago

- Doomey added character info 10 days ago

- Blackmyst added character info 15 days ago

- OldSchool added character info 16 days ago

- Alaria added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 17 days ago

- Mith added character info 18 days ago

- ДДрянь added character info (looking for group for T6 Rifts, Act 1 Bounties, Act 2 Bounties, Act 3 Bounties, Act 4 Bounties, Act 5 Bounties) 19 days ago

- Zero added character info (looking for group for Greater Rifts) 19 days ago

- Inalis added character info 20 days ago

- Fang added character info 21 day ago

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    Removing banned players
    19 days ago
    Banned players are being removed from the leaderboards. Our automated scan will eventually update all the players.
    If you see a banned hero that is still presented in our listings, you can manually queue it for update in order to remove it faster.

    Congratulations to all the players who didn't violate the rules!
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    Get ready for Season 5!
    3 months ago
    DiabloProgress is prepared for Season 5 which starts in 1 day!

    Please let us know in the comments if you see any bug.
    Comments: 15
    Season 4 is online!
    8 months ago
    Season 4 is active now for all regions!

    Feel free to post a comment here if you see any bug.
    Comments: 45
    Season 3
    1 year ago
    It is a bit late, nevertheless Season 3 Rankings are online now on DiabloProgress!
    Comments: 18
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