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Diablo Clan <Mr> Macho Rabbits

Clan Profile

Primary Language: English
- Hardcore Greater Rifts
- Hardcore Rifts (T4, T5, T6)
- Hardcore Bounties (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)
Recruiting: closed
In Macho Rabbits we strive to create a community of friendship and mutual respect for some of the most active and competitive players on HC in EU. We want players with whom we can push the boundaries of this game. But most of all we want people of good character and with a sense of humor that we can see ourselves...
profile administrators: siarchan, Quitboringme
updated 1 year ago by siarchan

Roster Season 9 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
HagelHarrywizard95 (14m 12.300s)3,374,967.60126011 hours ago
Asharitawd85 (13m 20.583s)2,499,012.009687 hours ago
ViSiOn85wd83 (12m 24.916s)1,792,536.007549 days ago
Snajdandh83 (14m 54.583s)2,033,721.907906 days ago
AleisterBwizard80 (09m 16.883s)1,949,220.009455 days ago
Baronwd80 (14m 28.199s)1,890,742.507959 days ago
Letsdoitdh78 (14m 44.666s)2,704,229.308732 days ago
Veijotindh75 (11m 51.483s)1,338,749.048361 day ago
Konkhradh74 (13m 42.500s)1,091,719.203279 days ago
MystikCatdh73 (11m 57.816s)297,364.004049 days ago
InsomnIawizard71 (13m 8.083s)47,173.208223 days ago
Starflightwizard70 (06m 19.666s)564,415.0046013 days ago
T0dywd70 (06m 32.800s)731,542.181818 days ago
Dele2kcrusader70 (06m 50.266s)542,756.796411 day ago
StarmonKdh70 (09m 2.100s)1,366,611.867195 days ago
Tscdh70 (10m 32.500s)1,296,885.805508 days ago
Kinkyberitdh66 (06m 28.066s)1,094,545.5849113 days ago
Gorothwizard65 (02m 42.300s)1,315,656.008516 days ago
Ajmetwd65 (07m 58.416s)1,065,820.8439514 days ago
AduCanzZdh65 (08m 22.250s)1,442,290.4053112 days ago
Sownicewizard65 (08m 29.733s)942,121.446461 day ago
Lukeboxwizard60 (03m 1.266s)867,428.8071011 days ago
Papacasbarb60 (03m 42.650s)1,656,484.007171 hour ago
Candyssedh60 (03m 59.366s)635,229.9214214 days ago
Remedibarb60 (04m 22.783s)1,032,518.4029714 days ago
SAksmonk55 (03m 17.433s)1,232,387.806706 days ago
Edenwizard55 (05m 32.149s)867,691.1011614 days ago
MRjRcrusader51 (05m 19.899s)75,815.197936 days ago
Lifocrusader50 (01m 59.516s)444,231.558103 days ago
Slipomonk50 (03m 23.433s)849,847.2049312 days ago
JEKILLwizard50 (04m 45.533s)582,448.422176 days ago
Linjowizard40 (05m 55.966s)1,306,135.503419 days ago
Sethwizard30 (05m 6.500s)1,013,439.6923214 days ago
Lesalewizard1,502,173.0048211 days ago
Psychowd149,827.0011612 days ago

Roster Season 8 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
PsyArCwizard97 (12m 47.850s)2,352,215.20186527 days ago
ADaixwizard96 (13m 14.183s)1,402,896.0010042 months ago
Gorothmonk85 (12m 48.000s)2,567,260.8012251 month ago
Snajdandh83 (14m 52.816s)1,508,071.5010502 months ago
Lonewulfcrusader82 (11m 26.949s)735,506.008842 months ago
Lifobarb80 (13m 54.250s)1,926,486.9012192 months ago
Lesalewd77 (12m 50.350s)1,002,624.008423 months ago
ROGERIANmonk72 (14m 36.816s)569,314.087642 months ago
Nerodh70 (05m 38.016s)0.008668 months ago
Verarxarmonk70 (08m 12.900s)991,026.566321 month ago
Edendh70 (08m 48.016s)1,155,759.60743 months ago
Ajmetbarb69 (14m 19.483s)685,183.003142 months ago
Talemcrusader65 (06m 36.099s)327,622.409581 month ago
C4mufl3rmonk65 (08m 5.116s)1,432,420.007201 month ago
IamN1trobarb61 (05m 31.649s)1,323,627.756392 months ago
IMikeecrusader60 (04m 50.950s)519,939.846062 months ago
MRjRmonk60 (07m 40.466s)465,901.008911 month ago
Celtik112barb58 (10m 47.116s)633,801.141122 months ago
AleisterBwizard55 (02m 5.049s)1,509,987.0012202 months ago
Tscmonk55 (03m 36.266s)1,061,171.707642 months ago
Foxyliciouscrusader55 (08m 27.816s)1,150,712.407792 months ago
Papacasbarb50 (04m 32.966s)1,156,357.527752 months ago
InsomnIamonk45 (02m 21.033s)0.001080unknown
Europewizard45 (05m 41.316s)1,655,678.706542 months ago
Kinkyberitwizard40 (02m 49.049s)724,360.145783 months ago
Raldiosmonk35 (02m 30.900s)397,523.885101 month ago
Lukeboxwd25 (03m 38.950s)1,030,647.154072 months ago
ViSiOn85crusader9.5910842 months ago
StarmonKcrusader125,374.42139328 days ago
Slipomonk247,177.007502 months ago
Veijotindh8.1210672 months ago
T0dywd1,149,632.406951 month ago
ARImonk115,496.009102 months ago
HagelHarrywizard272,823.0015153 months ago
SAksmonk1,128,805.206731 month ago
Baroncrusader218,647.204352 months ago
Spunkymonk12,303.707612 months ago
Sownicewizard514,248.93882 months ago

Roster Season 7 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Baroncrusader95 (12m 57.650s)12,074.4014074 months ago
Lifomonk83 (14m 59.250s)9.5911924 months ago
ELSKERRRdh81 (13m 26.933s)2,932,320.008664 months ago
Enjoymonk79 (13m 45.116s)1,154,096.647704 months ago
AleisterBbarb74 (13m 32.683s)1,115,968.059605 months ago
Snajdanmonk64 (09m 6.516s)2,112,809.3012283 months ago
Slidermonk63 (08m 58.199s)173,624.007335 months ago
Aradinawizard55 (01m 42.599s)1,136,743.568815 months ago
Papacaswizard55 (05m 22.966s)0.00873unknown
TeHaCjomonk51 (06m 16.616s)1,364,256.004935 months ago
Psychowizard40 (08m 41.649s)0.00368unknown
Sethwizard32 (03m 49.450s)0.00940unknown
AduCanzZbarb30 (01m 37.833s)124,572.005985 months ago
TastyHammerwd20 (04m 45.866s)1,507,730.004095 months ago
ViSiOn85wd24.878855 months ago
Lonewulfmonk182,278.009843 months ago
ARIwizard9.755725 months ago
Shankswizard8.127235 months ago
HagelHarrymonk526,896.0015033 months ago
PsyArCmonk8.1214293 months ago
Foxyliciouswd1,274,870.809463 months ago
Veijotinmonk1,349,750.009453 months ago
MrsChoomonk1,126,931.409833 months ago
Beunmonk1,155,078.126084 months ago
Tscwd32.347604 months ago
Navarthbarb8.127475 months ago
MystikCatbarb80,774.806995 months ago
Ajmetwd59,074.707865 months ago
Candyssemonk401,721.569134 months ago
InsomnIamonk267,611.008284 months ago
ADaixmonk238,238.0011855 months ago
SAksmonk245,856.007165 months ago
Gorothmonk3,219,945.2012334 months ago
Sownicewizard100,113.023385 months ago
Unrealwd1,644,264.0011345 months ago

Roster Season 6 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Equalizerwd88 (14m 57.850s)3,067,498.0012746 months ago
Shankswizard80 (12m 38.949s)27.208518 months ago
Woopsterwd80 (14m 47.583s)3,075,696.008847 months ago
Godskecrusader75 (08m 14.133s)597,008.888757 months ago
Joewd75 (13m 6.583s)1,953,804.009227 months ago
Onibakuwd75 (13m 29.899s)1,842,346.107638 months ago
Homer27wizard72 (10m 9.766s)1,292,256.617008 months ago
Konkhrabarb72 (10m 16.850s)1,243,073.256618 months ago
EdWintUmNLwizard70 (07m 52.450s)1,454,241.306787 months ago
Linjowd70 (10m 11.083s)1,196,164.806498 months ago
IamN1trodh70 (12m 39.799s)1,888,764.006558 months ago
Foxyliciouswizard69 (14m 41.400s)1,684,884.006608 months ago
Sethwizard67 (07m 50.850s)1,313,771.908938 months ago
Nerowizard65 (07m 47.749s)1,189,927.927958 months ago
Littlegreencrusader65 (08m 26.400s)659,555.857876 months ago
SAksmonk65 (13m 31.466s)1,770,041.706528 months ago
Yperhyperwizard60 (07m 7.266s)2,241,634.9012276 months ago
Unrealwizard55 (08m 50.683s)1,471,188.007058 months ago
Navarthmonk40 (06m 19.166s)432,103.2014298 months ago
Infinitydh39 (10m 6.233s)899,898.483218 months ago
Edencrusader20 (03m 52.349s)564,149.256148 months ago
TastyHammerwizard20 (05m 28.883s)1,219,714.306188 months ago
Virtywizard20 (13m 15.700s)493,884.00508 months ago
Lifowd59.6511137 months ago
Garrymonk1,556,883.408237 months ago
HagelHarrywizard214.5320426 months ago
PsyArCwd9.7516166 months ago
Petrusmonk36.978816 months ago
Sownicemonk256,400.006768 months ago
ARImonk110.059878 months ago
Raijinbarb167,412.0011786 months ago
Raldiosmonk1,002,200.409028 months ago
ADaixmonk554,268.0011367 months ago
Sliderdh69,080.407368 months ago
Aradinabarb329,108.008297 months ago
Totekwizard550,000.362138 months ago
MystikCatdh288,270.0012976 months ago
Kinkyberitdh149,747.007267 months ago
Psychobarb9,256.391468 months ago
Europedh990,178.806017 months ago
AduCanzZbarb442,092.0016297 months ago
Higimonk594,727.498568 months ago
Baronmonk98,643.1017957 months ago
Snajdandh2,169,888.0011697 months ago
Lesalewd149,614.006668 months ago
Axminstermonk1,198,484.706248 months ago
Remedicrusader129,320.287428 months ago
Spunkywd36,328.006568 months ago
MRjRcrusader630,516.159488 months ago
Lukeboxmonk235,212.005398 months ago

Roster Season 5 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Asharitawd85 (13m 36.300s)3,803,700.0015459 months ago
HagelHarrycrusader85 (14m 2.366s)91,923.67213310 months ago
ADaixmonk83 (13m 6.550s)3,392,400.0015779 months ago
GloriorBellicrusader83 (14m 51.633s)130,079.6512549 months ago
Raijindh77 (14m 40.350s)3,271,944.0016299 months ago
Murderingwizard70 (12m 53.750s)2,206,812.0080110 months ago
Raldioswd70 (14m 0.516s)52.8511889 months ago
Zanewizard70 (14m 7.616s)2,385,622.1080210 months ago
Chefyatadh67 (14m 20.500s)1,827,228.007831 year ago
ELSKERRRdh64 (11m 9.366s)1,199,735.415561 year ago
Slipodh129.516071 year ago
RaYcedh1,787,796.0087711 months ago
ROGERIANcrusader8.126931 year ago
Lifowd241,859.0011131 year ago
NsT87crusader96,146.2287711 months ago
MystikCatdh8.726891 year ago
Foxyliciousbarb189.0075410 months ago
Wooperwizard2,193,317.10112111 months ago
Celebcrusader502,561.4577511 months ago
Littlegreenbarb1,476,366.5088511 months ago
Woopsterbarb80,160.5098511 months ago
Verarxarwd759,185.0077510 months ago
Zertikwizard2,773,091.7092211 months ago
Baronwizard8.1285911 months ago
Spunkywd8.1212901 year ago
Dele2kdh1,425,690.5013341 year ago
Ajmetbarb925,094.008761 year ago
T0dywd193.2696911 months ago
Aradinawizard128,128.0072311 months ago
Unrealcrusader8.12125911 months ago
Kira247barb970,531.2947211 months ago
NoiZbarb356,804.4090010 months ago
Lukeboxwd1,625,420.009511 year ago
TastyHammerbarb69.1095810 months ago
Ryczerwizard120,813.784401 year ago
Alurehcrusader554,961.40711 year ago
Veijotinwd79.47109611 months ago
ARIdh144,040.9614031 year ago
Yperhyperwizard2,499,497.00130611 months ago
Europewizard1,990,920.008349 months ago
Maelmordwizard1,472,532.003661 year ago
Onibakuwizard869,955.608261 year ago
Linjowd1,647,372.007141 year ago
Talembarb828,347.3062411 months ago
Beunwizard170,295.606910 months ago
Homer27dh622,618.53111111 months ago
VonHeimannbarb315,917.00105210 months ago
Moguai2kbarb220,026.0079311 months ago
AduCanzZbarb175,655.90181111 months ago
Higiwd429,688.00120810 months ago
PsyArCbarb256,451.00206911 months ago
SAksmonk247,327.008041 year ago
Papacasbarb1,184,017.0063911 months ago
AleisterBbarb454,326.7699511 months ago
Lesalewizard2,188,536.0062311 months ago
MRjRmonk1,335,964.509409 months ago
Snajdanwd1,727,653.3012821 year ago
Edenwd763,690.838161 year ago
Sownicemonk212,450.00125410 months ago
IamN1trodh1,251,226.6812839 months ago
Starflightwizard683,723.00107211 months ago
Tscdh753,024.0093011 months ago
Axminsterwd2,672,448.0013419 months ago
InsomnIadh380,342.3211149 months ago
Candyssedh700,622.9111411 year ago
Sethwizard2,002,956.00108711 months ago

Roster Season 4 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
PsyArCmonk63 (13m 53.866s)3,239,633.5013851 year ago
Zalpharrwd8.124591 year ago
NsT87monk35.009331 year ago
Totekwd36,839.20111 year ago
GloriorBellimonk122,051.005991 year ago
Sliderwd13,603.3851 year ago
LooPfLaSHbarb2,430,016.4015441 year ago
TastyHammerwizard103,749.006701 year ago
MrsChoomonk1,522,884.407321 year ago
EdWintUmNLmonk1,292,472.007311 year ago
Raijinmonk2,403,180.0014571 year ago
Woopsterbarb1,129,647.608391 year ago
JEKILLbarb1,224,669.507581 year ago
Lifobarb1,180,033.205981 year ago
Baronwd76,100.5010191 year ago
MystikCatbarb1,080,720.0010731 year ago
Homer27barb1,612,045.409141 year ago
Papacasbarb1,464,617.006501 year ago
ADaixmonk2,123,304.009421 year ago
MRjRwd17,515.507801 year ago
Talemmonk903,563.347551 year ago
Edenbarb520,270.806741 year ago
NeNzOwd1,144,595.555641 year ago
Veijotinbarb1,906,081.009781 year ago
AleisterBmonk1,495,184.889201 year ago
Spunkybarb33,042.0010231 year ago
Starflightbarb539,493.648941 year ago

Roster Season 3 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
RaYcebarb796,548.422061 year ago

Roster Season 2 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
RaYcewizard18 (07m 23.500s)798,327.276141 year ago

Roster Season 1 (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
Paistiwd774,176.005192 years ago

Roster Non-Season (Hardcore)

Name Class Grift Solo Elemental DPS Paragon HC Last Logout
C4mufl3rwizard95 (12m 41.216s)345,015.359476 months ago
Higiwd94 (14m 39.916s)4,322,664.0014503 months ago
Lifowizard94 (14m 59.266s)2,797,112.0018361 month ago
PsyArCmonk93 (14m 6.166s)229,898.0023183 months ago
ADaixdh93 (14m 11.316s)1,809,495.6019913 months ago
Snajdandh92 (14m 52.233s)2,853,603.0018713 months ago
Baroncrusader91 (13m 58.316s)137.5521718 days ago
StarmonKbarb87 (14m 3.866s)195,271.36222228 days ago
Raijinwizard85 (04m 49.750s)0.0021076 months ago
MRjRcrusader85 (13m 15.133s)125,088.44131023 days ago
InsomnIamonk85 (14m 21.866s)4,178,772.00145518 days ago
Asharitawd85 (14m 23.300s)2,478,300.0017087 months ago
Lonewulfwd84 (13m 21.616s)97,212.969843 months ago
Gorothwd84 (14m 43.400s)2,921,292.0018281 month ago
Navarthdh84 (14m 57.633s)5,449,200.00191916 days ago
Candyssebarb83 (10m 12.366s)3,302,908.0014203 months ago
AleisterBbarb83 (13m 51.766s)2,599,245.6015412 months ago
Unrealcrusader82 (14m 57.983s)162,201.2015629 months ago
Shankswizard81 (10m 33.683s)2,202,408.00109118 days ago
Traktorlarscrusader80 (12m 57.666s)769,767.2010175 months ago
IamN1trodh80 (13m 52.049s)3,507,036.0015448 months ago
Starflightwd80 (14m 4.783s)2,999,220.0012663 months ago
TeHaCjocrusader80 (14m 16.866s)111,026.4410395 months ago
LooPfLaSHcrusader80 (14m 31.683s)1,072,749.60193711 months ago
Tscdh80 (14m 50.600s)3,021,108.0011703 months ago
MystikCatdh79 (12m 26.833s)3,604,740.0014845 months ago
Konkhracrusader78 (13m 25.000s)723,917.10103611 months ago
Ajmetwd77 (14m 19.850s)2,475,516.0010393 months ago
Sethwizard77 (14m 27.933s)2,212,742.0013524 months ago
NoiZcrusader76 (10m 8.733s)647,507.219095 months ago
Godskewizard76 (12m 4.549s)2,594,724.00107910 months ago
Spunkycrusader75 (04m 5.700s)849,198.0016353 months ago
Axminsterwd75 (07m 13.250s)4,796,064.00145021 day ago
Papacascrusader75 (07m 16.750s)98,363.6911392 months ago
TastyHammercrusader75 (08m 48.766s)779,269.4010298 months ago
Remediwizard75 (11m 22.599s)729,648.288622 months ago
AduCanzZwd75 (11m 25.316s)838,612.0422355 months ago
Edenwd75 (11m 43.550s)2,572,791.9010813 months ago
T0dywd75 (11m 51.916s)1,839,672.0010891 month ago
Slipomonk75 (12m 29.316s)1,563,276.008512 months ago
VonHeimannwd75 (14m 1.900s)2,403,684.0012607 months ago
MrsChoodh75 (14m 17.633s)1,829,236.5012053 months ago
Talemmonk74 (09m 46.283s)1,322,860.508684 months ago
Linjowd74 (11m 1.150s)1,947,528.009148 months ago
JEKILLbarb72 (14m 37.750s)1,958,412.0087910 months ago
NeNzObarb71 (12m 21.116s)1,861,949.707585 months ago
Homer27crusader70 (04m 43.750s)1,053,129.6014038 months ago
SAksmonk70 (09m 30.166s)1,862,148.009933 months ago
Onibakucrusader70 (09m 36.483s)45,981.8498411 months ago
Sliderdh70 (09m 39.300s)1,297,068.007375 months ago
Moguai2kbarb70 (10m 58.716s)1,863,183.008915 months ago
Dele2kdh70 (12m 54.533s)2,036,423.20150011 months ago
Celtik112barb66 (12m 38.916s)876,048.007621 year ago
FUNKYmonk65 (09m 16.633s)2,020,188.008058 months ago
Europecrusader65 (09m 19.466s)579,198.2010892 months ago
Gollumbarb64 (14m 6.416s)1,758,843.809891 year ago
Pandorahwizard63 (04m 26.399s)1,331,160.007074 months ago
Kinkyberitcrusader61 (12m 26.750s)350,430.129042 months ago
ROGERIANmonk61 (14m 59.283s)8.1210691 year ago
Murderingbarb60 (10m 37.433s)638,352.898841 year ago
Psychomonk60 (14m 20.033s)1,321,922.7011341 year ago
Darkcrawlerwd59 (11m 40.816s)1,936,002.406551 year ago
Beundh57 (14m 50.066s)2,394,756.0011931 year ago
ViSiOn85wizard55 (03m 38.166s)1,912,620.00161927 days ago
Zalpharrwd55 (13m 34.866s)1,495,260.605511 year ago
Lukeboxwd50 (03m 5.716s)1,689,646.0011342 months ago
Sownicebarb50 (04m 5.383s)1,450,764.90131417 days ago
Zertikwizard50 (09m 50.183s)1,332,420.005821 year ago
Quitboringmemonk50 (13m 41.933s)1,236,590.558711 year ago
Daydreamerbarb50 (13m 45.183s)1,783,572.008391 year ago
Virtydh46 (14m 52.666s)1,967,462.706921 year ago
Enjoywizard43 (11m 10.133s)2,528,148.007221 year ago
Ryczerwizard37 (14m 11.533s)2,186,263.604731 year ago
Totekwizard36 (06m 55.183s)1,377,022.146561 year ago
Xevcrusader35 (06m 31.949s)1,179,129.355971 year ago
Lebarawd33 (12m 37.266s)1,063,750.206302 years ago
Alurehmonk32 (14m 40.983s)941,765.406242 years ago
Westyemonk31 (06m 16.216s)1,142,621.486481 year ago
Maxcrusader30 (08m 24.200s)1,437,864.008301 year ago
Kruku21crusader30 (14m 59.433s)1,125,023.207002 years ago
Paistibarb25 (14m 9.983s)167,314.005772 years ago
Garrywizard12.327202 years ago
Wooperwizard20.575351 year ago
Quyenbarb8.1211791 year ago
Foxyliciousmonk27.3210628 months ago
Unknowndh1,627,949.212731 year ago
Zanedh1,771,834.707411 year ago
Littlegreenmonk493,545.919191 year ago
Chefyatamonk1,502,364.008751 year ago
GloriorBellibarb1,295,976.008591 year ago
Nerocrusader968,700.948668 months ago
Verarxarmonk2,089,291.508619 months ago
Maelmordbarb847,184.525201 year ago
Bawnwizard2,135,227.506551 year ago
Jahddictmonk3,097,916.807181 year ago
Kira247barb1,020,733.776991 year ago
EdWintUmNLbarb1,678,154.409458 months ago
Yperhyperwizard2,681,385.0015996 months ago
Celebcrusader632,559.705111 year ago
Joewd1,935,144.009307 months ago
IMikeewd1,399,946.407603 months ago
Eistêêwizard1,462,000.864331 year ago
Aradinadh1,783,872.009731 year ago
Raldiosdh2,163,144.0013948 months ago
Infinitywd1,624,226.407989 months ago
HagelHarrymonk2,543,741.2030101 month ago
Veijotinwizard1,399,188.0015207 months ago
Lesalewd3,124,156.009521 month ago